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Frozen Pipes: Tips on How to Avoid Them

Winter Tips
Frozen faucet in winter
Frozen faucet in winter

The weather is getting cold and it’s time to think about preventing frozen pipes. Pipes along outside walls with little or no insulation, outside hose bibs, swimming pool lines, and water sprinkler lines are all subject to freezing. The problem isn’t just the temperature – the problem is that when water freezes it expands. This expansion puts pressure on whatever is containing it – like either plastic or metal water lines. Affordable Plumbing Solutions, your local plumber in Prescott, is here to help you avoid some costly repairs this season.

The question is, what can we do to prevent water lines from freezing?

  • Remove, drain and store any hoses you use outdoors.
  • Drain water from the swimming pool supply lines
  • Drain sprinkler lines and turn off automatic watering cycles
  • Add insulation around water lines in unheated areas, like the garage
  • Add insulation to attics and basement that have water lines
  • If water lines are located in an uninsulated garage, keep garage door closed
  • Let cold water drip from a faucet served by exposed pipes when it is extremely cold
  • If you are going to be away, leave the heat on to at least 55 degrees

What if the pipe is already frozen?

If you turn on the faucet and only get a trickle of water, you may have a frozen pipe. If this happens you should:

  • Keep the faucet open and dripping, as the moving water will help melt the ice
  • Apply heat to the accessible area of the pipe (heating pad works well, or a hair dryer)
  • Continue applying heat until full water pressure is restored.
  • Check other faucets for similar problem, as when one pipe freezes it is very probable there may be others.

If you have damage from frozen pipes be assured that Affordable Plumbing Solutions, Prescott’s plumbing repair experts, are here to help. We offer quality, efficient and reliable service throughout the Quad-Cities area. Just give us a call at 928-925-6541.

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